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The Bahama Land  project is a collection of 7,700 Caribbean-inspired NFTS. We are building the first NFT based village in The Bahamas. Each NFT allows its holder to participate in giveaways including, paid trips to the Bahamas and web3 related gifts & prizes.  Our aim is to introduce web3 innovation to the tourism market.


Owners of a Bahama land NFT will be eligible to win prizes. Including paid trips to The Bahamas, which will be added as a part of the prize pool in the later phases. Ultimately, our goal is to make the Bahamas Based village available to our holders throughout the year.

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Our vision is to create a small village in The Bahamas of six cozy A-frame cabins providing a unique and aesthetic island getaway atmosphere while maintaining a comfortable space for our NFT holders.  The village is perfect for the traveler who doesn’t want to fly to the Caribbean only to be stuck in the tourist trap or surrounded by manicured brick and mortar facilities. 

Experience The Bahamas

The Bahamas consists of 700 islands and cays surrounded by turquoise waters and golden sunsets. We want our community to experience a piece of paradise not only through holding their very own Bahama Land NFT but through personalized activities in The Bahamas. 

Road Map
The Path Ahead

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  • The Bahama Land will purchase a basket of nodes. 

  • Randomly selecting winners of web3 related prizes commences.

  • Web3 prizes give away commences for NFT holders

  • Partnership with brick and mortar Bahamian businesses

  • Advertising/Marketing

  • Creation of Bahamian physical art for community giveaways

  •  Randomly selecting winners for Bahamas trip giveaways will commence.

  • Our first trip winner visits The Bahamas 

  • We intend to: Purchase land in The Bahamas to build The Bahama Land village

  • Begin construction on Bahama land village 

  • Implementing staking of NFTs to reward holders with $SHELL tokens, utility to be determined. 

  • Welcome our first visitors/guests to The Bahama Land village

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DragonBall Trader

Co-Founder, Project Manager, art director.

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Kari Kampfire

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Art Carma

Meet The Team
Suns Of The Soil

Co-Founder, Content Marketer, Island experience curator. 

Strategic Partner Advisor & Marketing Strategists

Artistic Director

Social-Media Marketing